Jenny’s tip of the day

IMG_3255[1]I shit you not.

This is a photograph of the tips I received today.

Yes that is a 5 cent coin.

I worked in a restaurant for nine hours straight today. I served 40+ people today. I polished cutlery, made drinks, reset an entire restaurant…oh and I also took down the Christmas decorations.

Christening party of 36 people …. left no tip….

Various tables of four-five people left no tip….nada…zilch

I had to wait around until 7pm for a party of three people that the owner simply couldn’t handle on her own…(or with the help of her adult son who constantly lurks there). I smiled and served them and tended to their every need. Those lovely people “apparently” left me 5 cent.


Now I say apparently because….

There was one glorious day during the summer that I had the restaurant to myself. When I say “to myself” I mean the boss was not there alternating between sitting on her stool barking orders…or sitting at the customer’s table barking at them. I had control of the restaurant, I took people’s orders, I brought people their food, I politely asked if they needed anything else….I played lovely easy listening music — something jazzy and non offensive.  (The Boss likes to blare….I MEAN BLARE country music shite from The Three Amigos and Nathan Carter…I have come so close to deleting the albums off the iPod—but of course that would mean that I’d have to put them back on again for her because she is so technically challenged that she can’t even text EVEN THOUGH SHE HAS AN iPHONE 5 and an iPad 3!!!)


Yes easy listening music, a lovely ambiance, happy customers, happy Jenny…I also got to do up the bills for the tables, which nobody can ever do…

That day I made €55 in tips. Each table left me at least €5. I couldn’t believe it.

So you can understand my scepticism  that when the boss is around i’m lucky to get €5….

You can also understand why I tipped myself with a triple vodka at the end of today’s hell.

Rant over.


College Blues

Ah it’s that time of the year, mid September, the beginning of the college year. “Hooray! Freedom!” squeals the masses. I on the other hand, shrug. College life has never been fun for me- there I’ve said it. Ever since I began college in Dublin four years ago, I’ve been in a relationship and ever since I’ve been in a relationship, my boyfriend has been on the opposite side of the country to me.

Darren & I in Galway 2009
One of the many trips to and fro

I love Darren, I love spending time with him, therefore I dislike being in college in a different county because we hardly ever get to see each other. In the four years that Darren and I have been together he has spent three years in college in Galway and one year working in Cavan. It’s hard, not only is he my boyfriend he is also my best friend- and call me ridiculous and petulant but I simply don’t have a good time when he’s not with me. Experience’s are meant to be shared. I just had a fantastic three days in Dublin, with Darren and my friends Liam, Finn, Pauric Christine and Malachy & Jen. The best three days that I’ve had in the four years I’ve been living here.

Pauric & Liam.
A lovely lunch with friends

A day out at the 40 Foot in Sandymount

I don’t go out in Dublin, I don’t see the point,  I’m not going out with the intention of scoring a guy which seems to be the whole reason for going out up here. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bitter that I’m in a relationship. I love it! I wouldn’t be able to handle nights out with hyper active freshers. I’m such an old fogey and I’m not even 25!

Good man Swanson

But I DO want to enjoy myself in Dublin and I thought this year would be the year. Darren is now a qualified teacher and there was a possibility that he could find a job up here. I’ll admit we both got carried away with the thought of living together. It wasn’t even the “living together” part that was exciting- it was just being in the same county as each other for the majority of the week. Being able to stay in at night in my lovely cosy house watching TV, Eating dinner together, actually going out to gigs and experiencing the wide variety of things that makes Dublin so appealing. I was actually looking forward to committing myself to long days in college doing my dreaded dissertation and final year projects because I would be coming home to see Darren.

Having Fun in Dublin

It sure beats trudging home, eating alone and crawling into bed to watch Netflix. It sounds like I live alone up here,  well I have for the last couple of months while my house mate and cousin Emma has been in Pennsylvania on her INTRA placement. Emma is the epitome of enjoying college life, she loves being in DCU, she has lots of friends, and goes out a lot. She’s always asking me to go out with her, but as previously mentioned, I’m boring and just don’t enjoy it. So it would’ve been  a great excuse to curl up on the couch with Darren and watch a film instead of confining myself to my room.

Rare meals together

I guess I’m just tired of this to-ing and fro-ing- I really thought we’d catch a break and finally get to be in the same county. To make matters worse, I have to work at the weekends Friday, Saturday and Sunday so there’s my weekends gone. I can’t even look forward to them without the threat of work hanging over me.

All my friends who are in couples either live together or have always been in college in the same county living just a short bus ride away. I’m just fed up of never being able to experience this.

I know that it’s selfish to be so irked by this when people have much greater worries. I just needed to vent.