Talented Friends

I have a long list of talented friends, super talented friends, friends that make you feel equal parts love and jealousy at their damn brilliance.

I’ll start with Finn Keenan. I’ve known Finn for about seven years.

Finn’s a film maker, Finn makes films.(try and say that five times)

He’s 6ft tall with a shock of red hair and an infectious personality. He also happens to have the coolest parents in the world Joe and Jane, his sister Jessie is also ridiculously talented.

I will be devoting another post to Joe Keenan – because he’s awesome..

He’s been making short films for years, he is just one of those people who is naturally talented and effortlessly cool… See what I mean about the love/hate feelings)

In the last year he has been the director of photography on the award winning RTE TV Show Pilot The Begrudgers and he’s also made dozens of music videos for up and coming Irish (and International) artists. He set up a YouTube channel to air these video’s and he’s gotten a huge response, the video’s are all recorded in alternative surroundings, they are beautiful. He is in high demand!

Do yourself a favour and check out his YouTube Videos,




Here’s a wee radio package that I made for college about Finn.



Ghastly GAA

Let me tell you a little story.

I really wanted to go to Sea Sessions.

Darren plays GAA and he plays goalie so he’s pretty vital to the team…
There was a game scheduled for saturday evening on the weekend of Sea Sessions…

So because of Darrens commitment we decided we’d just head up on the Sunday morning.
Then Darren hears great news, the game was cancelled because there was a county match the same weekend!! Hooray we could now make a weekend of it! I rarely have weekends off so it was a big deal we booked our tickets for the weekend!! €90 each!!

The game was supposed to have been cancelled so Darren made other plans. Then Friday evening he gets a phonecall from another player saying the match is back on

We had the jeep packed, all the farm work done and we had bought our expensive weekend tickets

So for the first time in his life Darren put himself first and didn’t go to the match- he immediately tried to ring the trainer to tell him he would be away.

Those who know Darren knows that he wouldn’t miss training a match or anything that he has a responsibility to go to unless he has a valid reason.

In this case, his best buddy Liam was jettin off to Dubai (for 2 years)the following week, and he wanted to spend some quality time with him before he left.

He tried to ring his trainer several times to explain the situation but there was no answer. He sent an apologetic text and got no reply…he was blanked and made to feel like shit….this is the thing I hate about football…

You’re supposed to dedicate your life to it. Training three nights a week in any weather matches every weekend, either on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday- forget about making plans to go anywhere or do anything!!

My dad played football all his life, I remember being on holidays in a campervan in Clare and halfway through our weeks holiday he had to drive back to Cavan, play the match and then drive back to Clare.

I hate the way it takes over people’s lives, they are made to adopt the mindset that NOTHING is more important than their team and training and matches and this is why so much guilt is thrown on a person for missing a match.

Knockanstockan is coming up next weekend it’s a 3 day music festival which I am so excited to go to…. But we’re gonna miss day one because Darren has a football match, and he won’t even think of asking the trainer not to go…even though the trainer put him off the team and brought in the reserve goalie. (punishment)

It’s my belief that when people have a legitimate excuse and try to contact their coach to explain the situation then the coach has a responsibility to at the very least listen to what his players have to say. They most certainly shouldn’t blank their player and humiliate him

Just my opinion.

Anyway despite the guilt trip placed on Darren we had a great weekend! It’s a great festival and I’ll blog about it later!!


Chalk it to me

This blog is about things that I do, and at the minute I’m not doing much. The constant rain here is depressing and I’ve been stuck inside twiddling my thumbs…. My good friend Christine has a great blog all about make up and hair it’s super interesting and her vlogs are brilliant… AND she does giveaways
here’s a link to her blog, check it out!


Christine sent me a link to a YouTube video that demonstrates how to
Temporarily dye hair with chalk pastels. I had to try it out!!

I bought these in Easons for €4.99 as you can see purple is my favourite colour….


1: So all you do is just dampen the strands of hair you want to colour

2. Choose your colour…
I used blue and Purple

3. And just draw over the damp hair on both sides! You’d be surprised how much chalk is used on one strand!

4. What I do then is scrunch the hair to give it a wave when it’s dry.

5. Also let it air dry as the colour comes out better for some reason!

6. Look fabulous and wash out the next day!!


As I’m planning on going to an awesome music festival next weekend I will definitely be adding a splash of colour to my and my friends hair!! I’ll add pics when I do!


My eternal dilemma

I’m a blonde…

Ok like many people I was a fair haired child… But I was blonde up until I was about 8 and then muddy brown began to appear. I bore with this dull colour for 5 or six years, as i was deemed (and rightly so) too young to start getting highlights.

I tried everything to naturally colour my hair…
Lemon juice and laying in the sun…no change….
Dunking my hair in a huge bowl of Chamomile tea….did nothing but waste my money and make my hair smell like a health food shop

My cousin Emma mashed up three bananas and massaged them into my hair because we read that the potassium would lighten the hair,

Unsurprisingly all that did was turn my hair into a gloopy, sticky mess.

I started secondary school in Loreto Cavan, and I was allowed to start getting highlights!

Back in those days (yes 10 years ago requires me to say “those days”) I had to endure the dreaded cap highlights.

This involves placing a rubber cap over your hair(my hair was very long) and your hair (my long,long hair) was pulled(painfully) through the rubber cap.

It took about two and a half hours and I believed the result was great at the time, but looking back sparse strips of yellowy blonde through brown hair is never a good look.

I say yellowy..because it is a long process moving from brown to blonde. There’s 50 shades of ginger in between.

Eventually by the time I was 16 I had lovely blonde hair. But it came at a price a full head of highlights cost around €100 each time. Because of this I usually left it too long between salon visits…and developed a fair amount of rootage.

From then on I began getting half heads of meche highlights which were somewhat cheaper but lasted longer…because my roots weren’t as noticeable when my natural brown hair was visible.

So this long winded explanation has brought me to the present day.

In an effort to keep my blonde hair looking bright and not yellowy I ordered purple shampoo off eBay.

This is used by grannies with silver hair to stop the silver looking dull… Its bright purple, stains everything it touches and It takes the yellow tones out of your hair, and has been great for mine….

But I may have over done it and my hair is looking silver in parts, and so I’m beginning to wonder what my life would be like with brown hair…

Can I go back to brown? After all the effort it took to be blonde…

I downloaded an app that allows you to try different hair colours and if it’s accurate it mightn’t be that bad.

I think I should just go for it, it’s time for a change.

They don’t use the cap for highlights any more so this time the path to enlightenment (of my hair) will still be long but not as painful.




Hi there!

ImageI have finally set up a blog. It wasn’t difficult at all despite much himming and hawing over the actual title….which I still am unsure of.

My name is Jenny, I’m 24 years old and I’m from Cavan, a County in Ireland. I’m currently studying journalism in D.I.T in Dublin. I have three sisters, Edel, Laura & Brianna, one brother- Gavin, a dog named Duke and a budgie named Louie. I have an amazing boyfriend named Darren who you’ll probably be hearing and seeing lots about.

As a journalism student I really should be writing properly every day. So this blog will be my creative outlet! It’s about nothing in particular. Interesting news I come across, gig reviews, general gushing about my favourite bands…. (Raglans, The Strypes, The Hot Sprockets,). Books I’m reading, films, tv shows I watch. The escapades of my talented friends. Oh and I love to cook/bake so expect some recipes too.

How very exciting….

Happy Reading 🙂