Day 2- Best Friends

As you can see I’m three days behind…. I’m rectifying it…. i’m going to use old photos until i catch up! I did however manage to get 900 words of crap written for my literature review….so it has been a somewhat successful day…


David, Jenny, Finn, Emma

This photo is lovely isn’t it? Looks like two couples having a great time- in actual fact nobody in that photo is going out with anybody in that photo.

It was taken on St.Patricks Day four years ago, and everyone’s respective other halves were not in Cavan that day- we were a bunch of halves having a whole lot of fun, drinking and hiking up a hill. 

Finn and David have been best friends for years and continue to be close even though David now lives in New York and Finn is moving to London. Me and Emma have been friends all our lives….we’re cousins and we live beside each other. 

I love this photo.


Oh and Tom was there too, he took the photo!!