Bradshaw Bounce

I was captivated by a hair tutorial on My hair is naturally wavy, but there’s no volume in it, so I really wanted to try this tutorial  which promised big bouncy Carrie Bradshaw-esque curls.

All I needed was wet hair…. And these yokes.


All you have to do is section off pieces of hair, the smaller the section the tighter the curl. I wanted big curls so I had about 8 sections.

You grab the hair and twist, twist until you can twist no more and then wind it into a bun. Secure with a clip… And that’s that!!

That’s all!! I slept in them last night and was quite comfortable.

Here’s the results.






Ta Da!!


Sand in My Pockets – Raglans

The reason I love this video so much is that it captures the very essence of Raglans. Four talented lads having fun and playing music. My friend Finn filmed it, and when I asked him how did the video shoot go he said. “Alls I did was follow the lads around for a day.” I knew instantly the final product would be lovely. “Sand in My Pockets” is one of my favourite songs, it has an almost barbershop quartet feeling to it, but as always displays Raglans’ trademark melodies & harmonies. Everything about this song and video screams happiness, it’s a sunny day having fun with your friends and then heading to a gig. Makes me even more excited to be following them around.

Well played Raglans, well played.

I’m William Miller

I’ve never thought of myself as a music journalist, I don’t have the talent or knowledge for such aspirations. I’m not clued into many genres of music, I don’t have a preference. I suppose this is a good thing, I’m not biased, I go to gigs with an open mind…
I want to write about things I enjoy and as you should know I enjoy Raglans.


Long Live the Raglads

I love their melodies, their lyrics, their harmonies…their gigs and I really like the Raglads.

Ste(lin) the limelight.



They call him Mellow Yellow

Seemingly the band like me too, because they showed this blog to their management. Apparently its clear to them that I love the band because I’ve been offered an internship to promote them with MPI !!

MPI want me to keep doing what I’m doing — promoting and spreading Raglove.

So my Almost Famous adventure begins… I get to tag along to gigs and blog about them.


Hello my baby, Hello my honey, Hello my RagTime gal!!

Rag Time Gal!!


It’s a big step for me, I don’t want to let anyone down, especially the Raglads. I woke up in a panic the other morning after a stressful dream.


I’m obviously deeply insecure about it, but as long as I keep enjoying the gigs and the music the lads produce I can’t see myself doing too badly.

I’ve already broken the golden rule of music journalism…Don’t make friends with the rockstars

Oh well…..

In preparation for my upcoming adventure I’m currently reading Danny Sugerman’s book Wonderland Avenue

It’s a scary, extreme insight into the rock an roll lifestyle…

If I end up somewhere between Almost Famous and Wonderland Avenue I’ll be happy…..and possibly very drunk.




Have you heard about Raglans??

Taken from Sea Sessions Website, I do not own this photo!

Liam, Ste, Rhos, Conn

One of my favourite film’s of all time is Almost Famous (The others being Big Fish & Return to Oz).

I loved William, who was taken on the journey of a lifetime with his idols Still Water. After watching the film I knew I wanted to be either a journalist or a “band aid”

Thankfully I am studying journalism in D.I.T and I also “dig” music so perhaps I can combine these two dreams…..

Finn had been making his Havagawk videos for a while, in fact I was inundated with lovely Irish Artists to listen to, but the one’s that really caught my ear were by a band called Raglans.

Finn made two videos for RaglansWhere the rain don’t fall” and “Not Now”  …

He also made two amazing music videos for their singles The Man From Glasgow , which is obscenely catchy…it will stay in your head for days…

As well as all of that he made another awesome video for the hugely popular “Diggin’ Holes” which Finn filmed entirely in Cavan, and parts of it were filmed on Darren’s grandfather’s farm- so the video is special to us Cavan folk.

Just click the links and watch the videos and there’ll be no need for me to explain how good these lads are…. but I will anyway.

Café Sessions

Time for a snippet of very important background information.

God bless Joe Keenan and Niall Walsh for they are the Messiahs of Music in Cavan. They run a bi-weekly Music/Arts night in Cavan town. It’s called Café Sessions and is held in a small café called Chapter One. They have brought so many diverse, talented and lovely artists to Cavan, They have opened my eyes and ears to the wide range talent we have and I can’t thank them enough.

Raglans played Cafe Sessions on December 23rd 2011, they were the cherry on top of a delicious  musical year.  No band has received the reaction that Raglans did. People were out of their seats clapping, harmonizing, screaming. Everyone was grinning from ear to ear and hugging each other!

The harmonies, the mandolin, the voice, you couldn’t  help but fall under their spell.

It was the best Café Sessions ever (I mó thuarim)

I must have seen them about 8 more times since then, and they keep getting better.  I can’t get enough of their music, it is SO GOOD!!

The more I see them the more I get to know them, Thankfully, they are the  soundest bunch of lads you could meet. Myself Darren and Liam hung out with them at the Sea Sessions festival in Bundoran and we learned first hand what lovely guys they are.

Sea Sessions

Last week was the best week of the Summer because I got to see Raglans twice. On Thursday they made  a triumphant return to Cavan, I can’t even describe how magical that gig was. To have them play to such an intimate crowd, and to know that they really appreciated us all being there was something else.

On Saturday I got to see them play Knockanstockan festival in Wicklow, where they blew the stage  to pieces…..literally, the crowd stormed the barrier and a few people jumped on stage, they were on fire brilliant.

I think this is taken from one of the lad's phones! Not my photo

Stage Storm

Oh and because we are now “friends of the band” we were afforded certain privileges,  namely artist wristbands, which allowed us to sleep in the better campsite….and also allowed us to look awesome all weekend.

Here we are being friends….

Awesome in Orange

No doubt I will write more about how great these guys are but for now I’m avidly looking forward to their next intimate gig. Which is in  a secret location in Dublin on 28th of August…..

Which also happens to be mine and Darren’s four year anniversary…. they may just  serenade us….


For now

Liam, Conn, Ste, Rhos

You Rock my world.



Here’s a link to their debut gig in Cavan, feel the electricity

Bro’s 4 LYF

Currently Browsing “Blog a la Cart”

I love this Blog.

It is a beautifully written brutally honest blog by a wonderful lady named Ashley Weeks Cart.  I first stumbled upon it last year and spent a whole night going through the archives. I was enthralled by her stories, she has a series where she chronicled the gestation and birth of her two children. It was so amazing! .

I am the eldest child, I can’t remember my mother being pregnant, I can’t remember watching my little brother and sisters grow up – Each week she also takes wonderful photographs of her two children- and I think this is one of the reasons I find her blog so fascinating.

She blogs about everything, her home, crafting, gardening, cooking and of course her two gorgeous children, her lovely husband and her brave three legged dog. She does all the things that I aim to do in life, and she does them with such a beautiful style.

It’s wierd to feel such a connection with someone on the other side of the world whom I haven’t met, but I aspire to have a life like hers, she seems so happy and she has a lovely farm with chickens!! (I really want a farm with chickens!)


Do check out her lovely blog