Day Eight- Here We Go

Am so far behind on these that I would usually give up! But I shall persevere…..


One thing you should know about me is that I am dreadful at lighting fires. Simply dreadful. I act as an extinguisher to the flames, it will just not happen for me. So at work last week my boss asked me to light the huge big open fire. When i said i couldn’t she told me in no uncertain terms to do it.

After lugging loads of big sticks and little sticks through the bar I began the task.


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I did it! Perhaps it was my boss peering constantly at me, perhaps it was because I’ve suddenly found my inner Charmander.

Very satisfying…. I have since tried to light a fire at home to no avail.

This was all probably a FLUke…..




Day Three- Food

I love making food. I love spicy hot hot hot food! I hate cheese and coffee.  This picture blurry as hell was taken at my class Christmas party in a lovely Italian restaurant in Dublin (Ciao Bella Roma) where I ordered my speciality..

Pizza …. no cheese….lots of sauce…chilli flakes….extra pepperoni!



No Cheese Please

No Cheese Please