The Beauty of Being Born

The Beauty of Being Born

This lady Ashley Weeks Cart is such an inspiration. Her amazing blog was what made me want to start blogging “properly”.  I love how she shares all the details of her life and her beautiful family with the world. I became hooked on it one night two years ago when I should have been writing an essay. I was enthralled with the story of the birth of her first child, I then discovered that she had chronicled every week from conception to birth. It is addictive reading!!

I wouldn’t consider myself maternal, I have no experience with little babies or children (even though I’m the oldest of 5- I can’t remember my siblings as babies) but I just love to read about other people’s experiences.  I’ve always said that I don’t want to have children, purely for the pain factor- and the fact that i wouldn’t know how to act towards a baby..


Recently in work a lady brought a six month old in, and I patted it on the head and said “Hello baby” 

Cue groans of embarrassment from my sister Laura at this recollection.

Anyway…I love how Ashley has captured the essence of family life in her beautiful blog, it gives me hope for my future!


Check out her new venture The Beauty of Being Born. A space where mothers come together to  share their birth experiences. It’s awesome!!

This is one of her many awesome ventures


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