I’m William Miller

I’ve never thought of myself as a music journalist, I don’t have the talent or knowledge for such aspirations. I’m not clued into many genres of music, I don’t have a preference. I suppose this is a good thing, I’m not biased, I go to gigs with an open mind…
I want to write about things I enjoy and as you should know I enjoy Raglans.


Long Live the Raglads

I love their melodies, their lyrics, their harmonies…their gigs and I really like the Raglads.

Ste(lin) the limelight.



They call him Mellow Yellow

Seemingly the band like me too, because they showed this blog to their management. Apparently its clear to them that I love the band because I’ve been offered an internship to promote them with MPI !!

MPI want me to keep doing what I’m doing — promoting and spreading Raglove.

So my Almost Famous adventure begins… I get to tag along to gigs and blog about them.


Hello my baby, Hello my honey, Hello my RagTime gal!!

Rag Time Gal!!


It’s a big step for me, I don’t want to let anyone down, especially the Raglads. I woke up in a panic the other morning after a stressful dream.


I’m obviously deeply insecure about it, but as long as I keep enjoying the gigs and the music the lads produce I can’t see myself doing too badly.

I’ve already broken the golden rule of music journalism…Don’t make friends with the rockstars

Oh well…..

In preparation for my upcoming adventure I’m currently reading Danny Sugerman’s book Wonderland Avenue

It’s a scary, extreme insight into the rock an roll lifestyle…

If I end up somewhere between Almost Famous and Wonderland Avenue I’ll be happy…..and possibly very drunk.





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