Currently Browsing “Blog a la Cart”

I love this Blog.

It is a beautifully written brutally honest blog by a wonderful lady named Ashley Weeks Cart.  I first stumbled upon it last year and spent a whole night going through the archives. I was enthralled by her stories, she has a series where she chronicled the gestation and birth of her two children. It was so amazing! .

I am the eldest child, I can’t remember my mother being pregnant, I can’t remember watching my little brother and sisters grow up – Each week she also takes wonderful photographs of her two children- and I think this is one of the reasons I find her blog so fascinating.

She blogs about everything, her home, crafting, gardening, cooking and of course her two gorgeous children, her lovely husband and her brave three legged dog. She does all the things that I aim to do in life, and she does them with such a beautiful style.

It’s wierd to feel such a connection with someone on the other side of the world whom I haven’t met, but I aspire to have a life like hers, she seems so happy and she has a lovely farm with chickens!! (I really want a farm with chickens!)


Do check out her lovely blog


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