Talented Friends

I have a long list of talented friends, super talented friends, friends that make you feel equal parts love and jealousy at their damn brilliance.

I’ll start with Finn Keenan. I’ve known Finn for about seven years.

Finn’s a film maker, Finn makes films.(try and say that five times)

He’s 6ft tall with a shock of red hair and an infectious personality. He also happens to have the coolest parents in the world Joe and Jane, his sister Jessie is also ridiculously talented.

I will be devoting another post to Joe Keenan – because he’s awesome..

He’s been making short films for years, he is just one of those people who is naturally talented and effortlessly cool… See what I mean about the love/hate feelings)

In the last year he has been the director of photography on the award winning RTE TV Show Pilot The Begrudgers and he’s also made dozens of music videos for up and coming Irish (and International) artists. He set up a YouTube channel to air these video’s and he’s gotten a huge response, the video’s are all recorded in alternative surroundings, they are beautiful. He is in high demand!

Do yourself a favour and check out his YouTube Videos,




Here’s a wee radio package that I made for college about Finn.



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