Chalk it to me

This blog is about things that I do, and at the minute I’m not doing much. The constant rain here is depressing and I’ve been stuck inside twiddling my thumbs…. My good friend Christine has a great blog all about make up and hair it’s super interesting and her vlogs are brilliant… AND she does giveaways
here’s a link to her blog, check it out!

Christine sent me a link to a YouTube video that demonstrates how to
Temporarily dye hair with chalk pastels. I had to try it out!!

I bought these in Easons for €4.99 as you can see purple is my favourite colour….


1: So all you do is just dampen the strands of hair you want to colour

2. Choose your colour…
I used blue and Purple

3. And just draw over the damp hair on both sides! You’d be surprised how much chalk is used on one strand!

4. What I do then is scrunch the hair to give it a wave when it’s dry.

5. Also let it air dry as the colour comes out better for some reason!

6. Look fabulous and wash out the next day!!


As I’m planning on going to an awesome music festival next weekend I will definitely be adding a splash of colour to my and my friends hair!! I’ll add pics when I do!



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