My eternal dilemma

I’m a blonde…

Ok like many people I was a fair haired child… But I was blonde up until I was about 8 and then muddy brown began to appear. I bore with this dull colour for 5 or six years, as i was deemed (and rightly so) too young to start getting highlights.

I tried everything to naturally colour my hair…
Lemon juice and laying in the sun…no change….
Dunking my hair in a huge bowl of Chamomile tea….did nothing but waste my money and make my hair smell like a health food shop

My cousin Emma mashed up three bananas and massaged them into my hair because we read that the potassium would lighten the hair,

Unsurprisingly all that did was turn my hair into a gloopy, sticky mess.

I started secondary school in Loreto Cavan, and I was allowed to start getting highlights!

Back in those days (yes 10 years ago requires me to say “those days”) I had to endure the dreaded cap highlights.

This involves placing a rubber cap over your hair(my hair was very long) and your hair (my long,long hair) was pulled(painfully) through the rubber cap.

It took about two and a half hours and I believed the result was great at the time, but looking back sparse strips of yellowy blonde through brown hair is never a good look.

I say yellowy..because it is a long process moving from brown to blonde. There’s 50 shades of ginger in between.

Eventually by the time I was 16 I had lovely blonde hair. But it came at a price a full head of highlights cost around €100 each time. Because of this I usually left it too long between salon visits…and developed a fair amount of rootage.

From then on I began getting half heads of meche highlights which were somewhat cheaper but lasted longer…because my roots weren’t as noticeable when my natural brown hair was visible.

So this long winded explanation has brought me to the present day.

In an effort to keep my blonde hair looking bright and not yellowy I ordered purple shampoo off eBay.

This is used by grannies with silver hair to stop the silver looking dull… Its bright purple, stains everything it touches and It takes the yellow tones out of your hair, and has been great for mine….

But I may have over done it and my hair is looking silver in parts, and so I’m beginning to wonder what my life would be like with brown hair…

Can I go back to brown? After all the effort it took to be blonde…

I downloaded an app that allows you to try different hair colours and if it’s accurate it mightn’t be that bad.

I think I should just go for it, it’s time for a change.

They don’t use the cap for highlights any more so this time the path to enlightenment (of my hair) will still be long but not as painful.




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