Hi there!

ImageI have finally set up a blog. It wasn’t difficult at all despite much himming and hawing over the actual title….which I still am unsure of.

My name is Jenny, I’m 24 years old and I’m from Cavan, a County in Ireland. I’m currently studying journalism in D.I.T in Dublin. I have three sisters, Edel, Laura & Brianna, one brother- Gavin, a dog named Duke and a budgie named Louie. I have an amazing boyfriend named Darren who you’ll probably be hearing and seeing lots about.

As a journalism student I really should be writing properly every day. So this blog will be my creative outlet! It’s about nothing in particular. Interesting news I come across, gig reviews, general gushing about my favourite bands…. (Raglans, The Strypes, The Hot Sprockets,). Books I’m reading, films, tv shows I watch. The escapades of my talented friends. Oh and I love to cook/bake so expect some recipes too.

How very exciting….

Happy Reading 🙂


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